The very special musical instruments which compose “Evritiki Zygia”, together with the melodious Thracian songs, create a unique style which indicates the true traditional Thracian music. The songs that follow are live recordings which were created by “Evritiki Zygia”, showing its musical style and aura.For more songs and scenes of live performances you can visit the channel of the band on You Tube (Evritiki Zygia).

Tha anevw se psilo vouno - Trantafulloverga - "Zwnaradikos" dance from Thrace Se touta edw ta arxontika-"Mpaintouska" dance from Thrace



O Hlios vasileuei-"Surtos sugkathistos" dance from Thrace

Sou eipa mana pantrepse me-"Surtos" dance from Thrace

Se duo vouna anamesa-Mauroudis - Stoun apan' tou maxala -"Zwnaradikos" dance from Thrace  
Triada- Feggoun tis polis ts tzamia-"Ksesurtos" dance from Thrace