“Evritiki Zygia's” first album was released in March 2013, titled “Triantafylloverga”. It includes 15 traditional anecdotal songs from the Hionades village of Evros. This album is a creation made by the Women’s Cultural Association of Hionades, “Evritiki Zygia” and the dance teacher and researcher Apostolos Polisakis.

The  release of the second official album of the band was held on Saturday 18/3/2016, exactly three years after the release of the first. The Cultural Folklore Association "Ta Didima Teichei" in collaboration with the traditional band Evritiki Zygia present you the new CD entitled "Ner gia dgeiti afigkrasteiti".

Containing 14 unreleased songs from the villages of Makra Gefira (Eastern Thrace) it becomes the first album entirely dedicated to the region of Makra Gefira, with a 136 pages book which deals with historical and cultural information regarding to the region and explanatory details about the songs and dances included. 

These two albums represent the band's official hallmark to Greek traditional discography. Since the members of Evritiki Zygia extend their surveys to other regions of Thrace as well, the third official CD is already being recorded.

Further down you will find audiovisual material from the album “Trantafylloverga”.

Tessera xronia sto strato - "Sugkathistos" dance Trantafulloverga- "Zwnaradikos" dance

De s' ilega poulaki mou - "Zwnaradikos" dance